if God allows me to meet anyone from Heaven to comfort me here, can it be my Grandmother?

it’s not that I always shared stories with her back when she’s still alive. well uhm, I have not even tried, but she’s gone already.

so I wanna make it real this time. I’ll treat her at our favourite hotel (no no I’m not that rich, but that’s a place where we usually meet, since she and my mom worked there) and I’ll let her buy me a Kolala. that’s a snack she never forgot to buy me one. well the fact is, she’s the only one who know I’m addicted to that food- or cotton- whatever you call it.

I’ll be the one who’s gonna tell hundreds stories, so she doesn’t need to worry. she’s not gonna thirst her throat. I just need her to sit next to me, and be patient.

oh. PATIENT! this is very important, cause like I said, I have a bunch of stories to spill, and some of them might be sooo unexpected. even my mom’s probably gonna punish me for some things I’ve done, so you can imagine how scary they were. and since this will be our first meeting after I saw her laying down on her bed stiffly, I really don’t want her to be mad at me. please. I know that behind that charming face you have you can be very frightful if something annoys you, so I beg you.


How’s that sound, Grandma? Feel free to join me spending my never ending holiday anytime. I will be ready waiting for you here :)

Aug 4, 2008 1:38 AM

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