So.. after 2 days of confusion on what title I should give to this new blog of me plus more than 6 hours of trying to make progress on my internship project (unfortunately no.. I still havent made any progress yet) I finally found the right word to be put on the title column above. Eavesdrop on me. I must admit I didn’t have a good relationship with the word eavesdropping.. and I still don’t… but I’m trying,, because I have to. I am currently doing a summer internship with a big Korean IT company called SK C&C, and my job is to do a research about mobile security and its development, and eavesdropping is something you’ll get familiar with if you have done 6 weeks of googling about mobile security. I’m not going to explain to you what eavesdropping is in term of mobile security issues, so if you want to know more about it you can ask wiki!

Thanks for stopping by. Can’t promise you I’ll write everyday, but I’ll try.

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