Sali Goes Wild

Getting tired of watching sad news about disasters happening in Indonesia, I cheer myself up by getting my laptop a new wallpaper! I found this website on my friend’s Facebook profile and gave it a try. First you can choose a body, then other parts like eyes, lips, and clothes, and later on you can also add non-human body parts like tails, head gear, or animal faces. I was thinking to get myself a nice pair of polar bear ears but then I think it will not match the other parts, so I ended up with wings and head gear.

What’s wild about you?

Palm cockatoo crest – Your palm cockatoo crest is more than decoration. It helps you communicate too. A raised crest can signal to other birds that you’re a friend.

Lesser bird of paradise wings – Your beautiful and elegant wings are from a bird of paradise. Most birds of paradise live in Papua New Guinea, where they’re so revered the nation’s flag bears their likeness.


Want to make the wild version of yourself? Go to

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