Bravo! ASEAN in Korea (Audition)

About the video:

  • This is a Saman dance performance by Kyungsung students in “Bravo! ASEAN in Korea”, a festival hosted by the ASEAN-Korea Centre and organized by Arirang TV. The festival itself consists of two parts, preliminary tryouts (11/06) and main competition (11/20). About 40 individuals/teams for preliminary tryouts participated on this program, and 10 teams are selected for main competition.

About us:

  • Huge bruises on legs and knees caused by too much practicing for the past 4 weeks and the disappointment of being cut in the middle of the performance has just disappeared, replaced by the joy and excitement of going back to Seoul and showing up on TV because we finally made it to final !! Yihaaa. Thank you God, thank you everybody :)

3 Replies to “Bravo! ASEAN in Korea (Audition)”

  1. wah bagus mon :D
    gile itu jalan2 ngesotnya banyak juga ya.. lutut ama kakinya dialasin apa ga? gw juga belajar saman soalnya,, ngesot2nya sakit bgt ><

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