Movie Dates

when: starting from early October (with the past BIFF), peaking in this last week of October, and will continue until only God knows when

(with) who: Obi, Ajeng (pretty sad, I wish I had named my laptop Hugh or Orlando so it sounds like I have a real man partner to watch movies with)

where: CGV, my room

what (had been and will be watched): The Raid, Beetle Soldiers, Mirror Never Lies, The Three Musketeers, Real Steel, Crazy Stupid Love, The Help, Midnight in Paris, Apollo 18, and many moreee… actually got a lot to catch up on

why: pretty much because there’s nothing else for me to do except for leha-leha-ing and enjoying myself. ALSO this is a way of showing my true love and respect to our school, who has kindly provide us unlimited internet access and 7000 won off each movie ticket purchased on Oct 25 and 26, only by showing our student cards. Oh and 3000 won off for popcorn and cola, too. for once I don’t think my money for tuition went away for something useless…

ah! last one: how?
so far so good. I like movies better than interviews and school, I guess.. like.. much much better :3

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