17 Reasons Cats Are The Only Life Companions You’ll Ever Need (reblog)

Taken from here. Please dont take this seriously. Especially you. Yes, you.

Mak Putih

1. They, like you, just want to sleep all day.

2. You meow to communicate anyway so why not just do so with someone who understands you.

3. They are fluffy and make for excellent cuddle buddies.

4. They may not get overly excited when you walk in the door, but they’re always waiting on the bed for you, like any good life partner should be.

5. They are the only other living beings who change their mind as frequently as you.

6. They hate people almost as much as you.

7. They make for funny YouTube videos.

8. They hide behind curtains and hiss when strangers come inside, so now you can do that together.

9. You can have them be indoor cats, which means that they will actually never leave the house, which is your dream life.

10. “Crazy cat person” is a title you should be honored to have.

11. They need very little to be kept happy in life. Which is good, because you’re really not looking to give any more than you need to.

12. They always want to be near you, even when it’s inconvenient and they’re getting all up on your laptop while you’re trying to type. At least someone always wants to pay attention to you.

13. Because you are a cat on the inside.

14. Because if and when you do let them outside, they’ll love you enough to bring you back a mouse because they think you’re a really big dumb hairless cat that can’t hunt for itself (no, seriously).

15. Because if we’re being honest here, no matter how much they “don’t want to cuddle” they’re always a few ear scratches from changing their minds.

16. You have a similar outlook on life as they do. Bleak.

17. Because at the end of the day, people come and go. Cats are for fucking ever.

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