Petuah dari Bapake

“Sali, can I borrow your time?”

‘Yes, Sir’

“It won’t take too long, just 2 days.”


“Kidding. 5 minutes.”

‘Hahah.. alright Sir.’

“So I just want you to know, that you have worked hard these past 3 months.”

‘Thank you..’

“But I want you to work even harder…”

‘Noted Sir…’

“And always remember these three things.”

*nyiapin catetan*

“First, please be digilogue. Digital and analogue. We live in the online world, working in the e-commerce industry, but we cannot work like a computer. We should be digilogue. Work with a digital mind, but have analogue heart.”


“Also, please love the job, and love the company. I hope here is better than your previous company…”

‘Haha.. it definitely is, Sir.’

“And don’t forget, be the owner of this company. Someone who is an owner of a company works differently than a person who thinks he is just a regular employee. Be special. Take the responsibility. This company leans on you.”

“Got it Sir.”

“Happy 3 months, Sali.”


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